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Offensive Security Engineer Training

Beginner • Advanced

Offensive CTF training

Offensive Security Engineer Training Overview

Offensive Security Engineer training program is a comprehensive, hands-on approach to pentesting that equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to defend against APT attacks and mature your organization’s cybersecurity posture. Offensive Security Engineer training program offers a comprehensive and practical approach to fill the gaps between the tools, techniques, and procedures used by pentesters during engagements .Join us today and take the first step towards becoming a highly skilled and sought-after Pentester.

Overall, our training program is designed to help you understand the configuration and poor policies implementation issues in organizations, and improve your KRA/KPA to achieve greater job benefits. Our experienced instructors bring industry expertise and practical knowledge to the classroom, providing you with the most relevant and up-to-date training possible.

What You’ll Learn

  • Identifying and exploiting critical web application attacks
  • Conducting Linux and Windows Assessment and Post-Exploitation techniques
  • Offensive operations with custom malware development
  • Attacking Infrastrature and evading defenses
  • Attacking Active Directory and bypassing Controls

Training Modules

Assessment Process and Foundations
  • Pentesting standards and ROE guidelines
  • Prod environments vs Compliance centric environments
  • Traditional Assessment vs Assume Breach Assessments.
  • External Environment Pentesting vs Red Team Operations
  • OSINT for Pentesters
  • In-depth Understanding on the fundamental concepts of administrating Linux.
  • Customization of Pentesting Machine and a detailed understanding of Windows Operating System.
  • Advanced Linux and Windows command line Operations for pentesters
  • Powershell Primer for pentesters
  • Windows Server Administration essentials
Critical Web Application Attacks
  • Web application architecture and web fundamentals
  • Deploying a basic development infrastructure for understanding the baseline .
  • Poor implementation of web servers
  • Database basics and Quary Operations
  • Authentication bypass and SQLi attacks
  • Session Hijacking and broken access control
  • Encodings for RCE
  • SQL injection to RCE
  • Command Injection to RCE
  • Local File inclusion to RCE
  • Remote File inclusion to RCE
  • File upload to RCE
  • SSRF and XML to RCE
  • Multiple CMS Critical attacks and Remote code execution .
Linux Privilege Escalation And Beyond
  • Linux Sudoers Post-Exploitation
  • SUID  & SGID Post-Exploitation
  • Cron Jobs and Wildcard Post-Exploitation
  • Docker Pentesting and Privilege Escalations
  • File access and capabilitiesa Post-Exploitation
  • Kernel and software Post-Exploitation
  • Linux Capabilities Post-Exploitation
  • Other Beyond Linux Insecurities
  • Database Exploitation to RCE
  • User Defined Functions to RCE
  • Fixing Public exploits for reverse shells
  • Secure system hardening guidelines
Pivoting and Port Forwarding
  • Restricted environments MindTap
  • Tunneling / pivoting fundamentals
  • Proxychains and routing internal networks
  • Exploit local services with port forwarding
  • Maintaining access with tunneling / pivoting
  • Port Knocking foundations 
  • Port knocking attacks
Window Privilege Escalation and Beyond
  • Windows System Commands and usages
  • Windows Registry Insecurities
  • Hot Fixes and vendor software issues
  • Stored credentials exfiltration
  • Authentication and poor password security implementations
  • Environment Access control and poor permissions
  • Windows enumeration and exploitation
  • Insecure service implementations
  • Path related misconfigurations
  • DLL hijacking possibilities
  • Beyond misconfiguration issues
  • Exploit troubleshooting and fixation
  • Windows post-exploitation attacks on system takeover
  • Windows systems defense in depth
AV Evasion and C2 For Pentesters
  • Understanding of AV scanning engines and EDR platforms
  • Offensive C# for pentesters
  • Process Injections for system takeover
  • Encoding Operations for evasion
  • Shellcode development with automation to evade protections
  • Custom shellcode development with Microsoft Office
  •  C2 setup for red teaming
  • Customizing malleable c2 profiles for OPSEC
  • Offensive Operations with Cobalt strike
  • Metasploit for automating the offensive security operations
Assume Breach Active Directory Pentesting
  • Understanding Assume Breach-based Assessments
  • Active Directory Lab Setup 
  • Kerberos authentication procedure
  • Automated and Manual Domain enumeration primer
  • Stored credentials and services issues in AD
  • Password Spraying and PTH attacks
  • Pass the ticket vs overpass the hash attacks
  • Kerberosting attacks
  • Exploiting the domain delegations
  • Escalating group policies and OU for lateral movements
  • Exploiting misconfigured service principals
  • Lateral movement attacks
  • Data exfiltration and Complete Takeover
  • Windows and AD defense in depth

Who Can Apply For Offensive Security

Engineer Training ?

  • Individuals possessing a bachelor’s degree and a keen enthusiasm for mastering advanced capabilities in Cyber Security Assessment.
  • Those aspiring to acquire industrial certifications, with an inclination towards enhancing skills in Pentesting Infrastructure for career progression.
  • Professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related domain and aspire to shift into the realm of Cyber Security.
  • People seeking to upskill themselves in Cyber Security, particularly Product Managers aiming to broaden their expertise.
  • Members of Development and Operations Teams who intend to harness Pentesting skills for constructing secure applications and robust platforms
Training Delivery Mode

On-Demand Live Training

eJoin virtual Offensive  Security Engineer training experience, right from the comfort of your own home! Our industry-leading instructors will deliver interactive courses via live stream, giving you the ultimate in cybersecurity education. Following each class, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a keynote from top industry professionals. Choose the ultimate in cybersecurity education and join us today!

Self-Paced Training

Self-paced, the ultimate in flexible cybersecurity learning! With unlimited access to your training, you can learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. Our program includes all labs, exercises, and live support from Codefensive subject matter experts to ensure your success. Join us now to take control of your cybersecurity education!

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Basics of Cyber Security

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