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Become A Cyber Security Professional

Embark on a rewarding career in cyber security with our expert-led training. Gain the knowledge and skills to protect against emerging threats and help safeguard critical infrastructure in a rapidly evolving digital landscape

A wealth of wisdom distilled into hundreds of immersive training hours

codefensive cyber security trainings and certifications

Research Driven Comprehensive Cyber Security Certifications

Stay ahead of the curve with our research-driven cyber security training. Gain practical skills and knowledge informed by the latest research to effectively defend against emerging threats and mitigate risks.

Web Application Security Assessment Training

Web Application Assessments 

Beginner • Advanced

Web Application Assessments training focuses on building the right mindset behind the attack life cycle . During the training the student will understand why and where to build , craft & perform a specific attack . Also, how to provide the right solution by understanding the anatomy of an attack lifecycle .

Offensive Operations training

Offensive CTF

Beginner • Advanced

The Offensive CTF training Fill the gaps between tools, techniques and procedures used by pentesters during engagements. Offensive Ops training covers Critical infrastructure security issues, Network Penetration testing, Hunting critical Web App Threats, Malware Development , attacking Active Directory  and C2 operations in pentesting engagements

Certified blue team specialist training

SOC Analyst 

Beginner • Advanced • Expert

SOC Analyst training covers up roles and responsibilities of SOC L1, L2 and L3 team .This is a complete security operations center design , development and monitoring training which focuses on preparing an all rounder SOC consultant candidate as per the modern environment security needs .

red team assessments training

Red Team Assessments

Advanced • Expert

The Red Team Assessments training simulates real-world attack and defense scenarios. The training starts with Compromising a non-admin user account in the domain and progressing to enterprise admin.

api pentesting and security training

API Pentesting and Security

Advanced • Expert

API Pentesting and security training helps security professionals who are responsible for securing the design, implementation, and overall security of API endpoints and communications.

IoT Penetration Testing Training

IoT Penetration Testing

Beginner • Advanced

The IoT Pentration Testing Training is an industrial use case-based, hands-on practical course that focuses on deep-diving into standard IoT components and technologies to protect automotive systems and devices

ios pentesting and security training

IOS Pentesting and Security

Advanced • Expert

The iOS Pentesting and Security Training is a specialised course within the Security Assessment domain that focuses on pentesting iOS mobile applications. This course is designed for students and professionals who wish to pursue a career in mobile penetration testing.

elastic security engineer training

Elastic Security Engineer

Advanced • Expert

By taking the Certified Elastic Security Engineer course, security engineers can detect and respond to threats with complete root-cause analysis. The powerful Elastic SIEM can identify critical threats and prevent businesses from insider threats.

cyber threat hunting training

Cyber Threat Hunting

Beginner • Advanced

The Cyber Threat Hunting training program is designed to equip IT security specialists with the necessary mindset and skills to identify and hunt down cyber threats proactively.participants will gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in threat hunting by solving a real-world APT attack case

digital forensics and incident response training

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Beginner • Advanced

The Digital Fornesics and Incident Response training is aimed at providing participants with a deep understanding of the techniques and methods used in the field of digital forensics, with a specific focus on Windows forensics correlation with incident response

azure cloud pentesting training

Azure Cloud Penesting

Beginner • Advanced

The Azure Cloud Pentesting Training starts by building a solid foundation on the prerequisites for attacking the Azure cloud. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the Azure platform and learn how to identify vulnerabilities and extend pentesting tools and capabilities.

splunk siem operations training

Splunk SIEM Operations

Beginner • Advanced

The Course is an excellent choice for those looking to become a proficient SIEM analyst. Participants will learn about various aspects of the platform, such as configuration, user management, administration, log management, and real-time alerting of anomalies.

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